I was Right

I was right
You made me think I was crazy
Maybe it was all in my head
I could tell something was going on
How could a grown man turn to a teenager?
She was my sister
Why couldn’t you of fucked someone else
What you did changed me
Damaged me
I lost trust in men
In myself
I blamed myself
I felt like I wasn’t good enough
Every guy I dated after you I was afraid he would turn to my sister like you did
How could you hurt me like that?
How could you do that to her she was a child
I took you back believing your lies
Wasted so many years
If I knew you did that I wouldn’t have took you back
I wish I listened
I am no longer hurt just mad at myself
How could I have loved someone like that?
Next relationship I will be smarter
I have self-esteem now and I know I deserve more
I don’t deserve someone who doesn’t value me
I don’t deserve to be treated the way you treated me


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