Not many people understand how hard it is when you don’t even accept yourself so If you can’t accept yourself how can anyone accept you? Kinda like the saying of you don’t love yourself how can you love anyone else? I guess I use to argue that because I didn’t think that mattered but I learned real fast.I was always thin I never knew what the word fat stood for and I had kids young and I let myself go and I learned not only what fat meant but what Obese meant and I didn’t like it. I needed a wake up call to get my rear in gear and anyone who has let themselves go understand its hard to start and Once you get going keeping a routine is crucial or you will fail trust me I know, I got so heavy I was almost 400lbs. I have been in this Journey for 10 years and I feel like I haven’t accomplished it because I fall off the wagon or get pregnant and it’s hard to get back to it.I lost 161 before getting pg in 2013. I was so happy I was only 100lbs away from reaching my goal luckily I only gained 38lbs that pregnancy but I gained everything I lost after I stopped Breastfeeding now I am big again and it’s Unacceptable So I am getting back on the wagon and making a routine and not giving up until I reach my goal.


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