My Busy Life

My life is hectic,Chaotic beautiful mess but I wouldn’t change a single thing.This week has been so crazy working has been very little. My 13 month old daughter was sick she ended up having Roseola rash so I was going to doctor I have been up all night sleeping in living room with her. She’s been fussy I have been so exhausted and today is the first I have written all week and writing is so important to me it’s my passion I have wrote poetry since I was 8 years old it was a way for me to get my feelings out in a more positive way definitely kept me out of trouble.  I may have not got much accomplished this week but tomorrow a new day and hoping my daughter is better soon rash is about gone so sleep shouldn’t be a dream anymore. I love my life even though it can be crazy hectic and sometimes overwhelming but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Being a Mother is just who I am and I am blessed to have made 5 incredible kids life doesn’t get any better then this.  


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